Below are a sampling of some of our major personal injury cases that we have successfully tried or settled, in and out of court, resulting in recovery exceeding six figures. There are many more cases, but this is just a few highlights and common types of cases that we handle. Keep in mind all cases are different and no settlement or judgment will ever be the same.

Automobile and Truck Accidents

$9,750,000 auto accident resulting in traumatic brain injury
$2,500,000 wrongful death bicycle accident with a motor vehicle
$2,000,000 leg amputation (below the knee) after motorcycle accident
$1,850,000 verdict after jury trial, auto accident with severed carotid artery from seatbelt
$300,000 wrongful death auto accident (full-policy)
$200,000 rear-end collision resulting in neck and shoulder injuries
$100,000 auto accident soft-tissue neck and back injuries

Boating Injuries

$160,000 settlement after a boating accident resulting rib fractures

Premises Liability

$300,000 settlement after an ankle spiral fracture from a drainage grate at a 5th Avenue restaurant

Civil Rights

$150,000 settlement violation of Florida Statute 1983, false arrest and imprisonment for sixty days