Understanding Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law

There are a number of ways people can protect themselves, and those include watching their surroundings, locking their doors, and defending themselves if other people try to hurt them. But how can they defend themselves, and what is allowed vs. not allowed? That depends on where you’re located, as every state is different. In Florida there is a Stand Your Ground law, and it is one of the defenses a person uses when they want to protect themselves and they have to do something physical in that defense.

What Does it Mean to Stand Your Ground?

The law is not a license to do anything you want, but it does allow you a measure of protection from the law when you need to protect yourself or someone else from harm. It means you can stand and fight instead of being required to try to get away from a person who is attempting to hurt you. Defending yourself, in short, is allowed no matter where you are.

This Law is Not Just for Shootings

Most people think of the Stand Your Ground law as being one that is focused on people shooting intruders. That is a part of the law and when people most commonly talk about it, but it is not the only way it can be used. Simply using your hands to defend yourself can also be a part of standing your ground, and can be covered under that law.

What to Do if You Have Been Accused of a Crime When Standing Your Ground

If you stand your ground you may still be accused of a crime. In that kind of case, you will want strong representation from a competent legal professional. That can help ensure that the Stand Your Ground law is well represented in your case. Defending yourself legitimately from harm or danger should never be ruled a crime.

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